• September 26, 2023

AOC Caught On Tape Admitting She Helped Illegals Commit Felonies!

During a virtual town hall meeting with voters on Tuesday evening, Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) boasted about helping “huge amounts” of illegal aliens in receiving federal stimulus checks, the Far-left Representative said Democrats “fought” very hard to allow huge amounts to help illegal immigrants.

A voter asked AOC (D-NY) if Congress’ failure to take action on immigration reform could affect his own re-election or the Democratic Party’s electoral prospects as a whole.

The MP was a bit hesitant at first, noting that due to campaign laws she cannot speak directly to the election, as the town hall is an event held in her official capacity.

But she touted the Democratic Party’s efforts to help illegal immigrants as a whole.

“What I can say is that as an elected official, I was one of the most vocal members of Congress about including a path to citizenship for the over, you know , 11 million… potentially over 13 million immigrants, undocumented people in the United States,” she replied.

“We have put everything on the line, and not only on the path to citizenship, but we have also fought for inclusion – we have fought tooth and nail for the inclusion of undocumented migrants in relief programmes, stimulus checks, help from FEMA.”

The AOC continued to tout how they fought for “huge amounts” of illegal immigrants to access federal aid.

“We’ve actually helped a lot of undocumented families in our district get federal help that a lot of others were trying to shut them out of,” the congresswoman added.

It is unclear how much money is in question.

However, they added, “some individuals who entered the United States on valid temporary work visas … may be eligible for the stimulus check, even if they have overstayed their visa.”

Here are some comments from folks online:

“She’s admitting publicly that she was an accomplice to breaking the law. Awesome”

“And what? So some people who needed help got help. It wasn’t against the law. If it was you would sue. You think it’s a winning platform to argue against helping people? What’s your alternative? Where’s your bill that most voters support?”

“Yet she wasn’t interested in getting job opportunities for her own constituents”

“When you’ve never “earned” your own money for a living, it’s easy to give away others’.”

“How is it that she’s allowed to make that unilateral decision?”

“This is criminal. All parties and politicians should be held liable when they decide not to enforce our laws. What happen to changing law before neglecting it.”

With a degree in Economics how quickly does AOC plan on eliminating the 30 trillion dollars the U.S. is currently in debt? What’s the plan for our children’s future?”

“I wonder if they’re paying taxes on their stimulus checks like I have too???”

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