• June 17, 2024

After Seeing This Way To Make A Baked Potato, I’ll Never Make It Any Other Way Again

Many of us know how to make a baked potato. It’s something mom or dad taught us when we were undoubtedly very young. Not only was it an easy dinner for us to make if we needed something hot to eat in a pinch, potatoes were almost always in supply around the house. Now, there are even settings on many microwaves that allow you to cook a potato with the press of a button!  However, if you put a little more effort in, you will create something that could make someone’s jaw drop. Today, we want to introduce you to the bloomin’ baked potato.

As you will see, in a few easy steps you can make these delicious bloomin’ baked potatoes that will blow ordinary potatoes out of the water! Discover both the superior taste and design and give it a shot for dinner this week!

First, slice a thin slice off the lengthy side of the russet potato. This should leave you with a long, oval section with no skin exposed. Then, with a paring knife, cut at least five or six rings in the fleshy opening. You may need more or less rings, depending on the size of the potato.  Do not cut all of the way through the potato because that will ruin the design.

Next, flip over the potato and lay it flat on the fleshy side. Now make downward cuts into the skin side of the potato. But do not cut the middle of the potato because that will ruin your hard work. Make each downward cut all of the way around the potato. As you progress through this step, you’ll notice that you begin to create a cool web-like shape when you flip the potato back over again.

Next, with the fleshy part of the potato facing up, place the potato on a sheet of aluminum foil. Then sprinkle salt on the potatoes and pour some olive oil on them. Allow the seasoning and oil to sink into the slices so the flavor will bake into the whole potato. Rub the salt and oil around if needed. Now wrap the potato up in the foil and bake in a 425°F oven for about an hour. By the end the potato should start to turn golden brown. When the outside skin has turned dark brown, you know this step is done.

You could stop here I suppose, but you’ll be missing out!  After it your bloomin’ baked potato has cooked, sprinkle a liberal serving of shredded cheese on the potato and bake the potato for another five minutes to melt it. The cheese will melt into the slices of the potato and give each bite a delicious taste.  If you want you can also add bacon. Remember, be careful when you serve because the potatoes will likely be very hot!

And there you have it!  A beautiful, crunchy, molten take on the standard baked potato!  Definitely give this recipe a try; your taste buds will love you for it!

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