• May 27, 2024

Bat-Wielding Thugs In Philly Savagely Attack Passerby… Then, The Unexpected Happens

VIA|Why does the media not name and shame these horrible thugs? They should be tracked down by the police and arrested and made to spend a lot of time in prison. This is the kind of behavior that is leading us down the path we’re on as a nation.


From LiveLeak:

Man in critical condition after being hit in head with aluminum bat, happened in Philadelphia.
The video starts with the men already fighting. What they’re fighting about, I’m not sure, but it ends fairly quickly when one of the men puts an aluminum bat upside the head of his antagonist.
Watch the video below:

By not revealing this behavior, we are making it very clear that we find it acceptable for young men to act like savages on our streets, and they will continue to do so unless some drastic changes are made.

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