• May 21, 2024

Ben Carson Is Asked If He Is Just A Prop Used For Black Voters, His Answer Will Blow You Away!!

Trump has his fellow supporters saying good stuff, but Clinton’s followers respond with disgraceful comments. We understand this, living in with the knowledge that your campaign sucks big time must be so hard. But, you cannot blame someone of doing things that Bill Clinton did back in time. And you supported him back then, if you recall.

Don’t twist our words, Wallace. We know what we’re saying. You better check what Bill did back in 1995.

Via Conservative 101

Retired brain surgeon and former presidential candidate Ben Carson has been campaigning for Trump. Chris Wallace tried to make it all about race. First Chris Wallace showed a video of a former Hispanic advisor for Trump who decided he didn’t like Trump. Then he asked Carson, “do you worry that you’re being used as a prop for black voters and that Donald Trump will end up hurting your credibility in the black community?”

Ben Carson didn’t hold back for a minute. He had the perfect response. “It’s not about me it’s about our nation,” he started. He then recommended that Chris goes back and watches the 1995 State of the union address by Bill Clinton.

In this speech Bill talked about how immigration is hurting America and there needs to be more border control. However when Bill said this everyone loved it. But when Trump says it, it’s hate speech. Check out the interview below.

And here’s Bill Clinton’s state of the union address from 1995 that Carson referred to.


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