• June 19, 2024

Berkeley Riot Explodes: Trump Supporters SEVERELY BEATEN- Here Are DISTURBING PHOTOS Of The Bloody Nightmare

A pro-Trump rally at the University of California late on Saturday evening turned into a savage, bloody riot.

The civil disturbance led to several Trump Supporters being sent to the hospital for being beaten and pepper-sprayed by a mob of leftists.

Police in riot gear finally intervened after currently unidentified men were VICIOUSLY assaulted and beaten on the ground for a good while.

According to reports, Some Trump supporters were pepper-sprayed by liberal terrorists.


Here is another picture, of an elderly man screaming on the ground after being pepper-sprayed.

Senseless punches were being thrown.


Ironically, some of the idiots burnt a sign that said “Free Speech.”



Another elderly man was assaulted.


But amongst the chaos, some Trump supporters made sure to comfort the scared bystanders.


This man was beaten by a mob of them.

If this doesn’t make you ANGRY, I don’t know what will. These people better be arrested and made an example of!!!

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