• June 19, 2024

Bernie Sanders Complains About Americans Worshipping Wealth — Twitter Quickly Calls Him a Hypocrite

Donald Trump is the Twitter King, as he uses the social media site to get around the cooked media and speak directly to his followers.

However, there’s a less successful 2016 presidential candidate that has clearly been using his tactics: Bernie Sanders.

Sanders has over ten thousand tweets, and many of those are directed toward our new president.

On March 18th, Socialist Sanders turned to Twitter to lecture Americans who dare to DREAM BIG:

“Wealth” is subjective. Bill Gates and your ‘rich’ grandma, for instance, may perceive wealth differently.

Let us also mention that it is safe to say that Sanders might be also be a bit hypocritical:

…According to Twitter users, the comments come off as lacking self-awareness, given that Sanders is the owner of three homes, most recently purchasing a $600,000 lakefront property in Vermont last year.

This despite being a government employee and public servant for the majority of his adult life. In addition, Sanders only paid a tax rate of 13.5 percent in 2014, a very small rate considering that he is a relatively wealthy man — compared to the rest of Americans — and routinely argues that the wealthy don’t pay their “fair share.”

Sanders’ concern for the poor was called into question:


One Twitter blasted Bernie for his deep embrace of socialism:


And THIS question was also frequented:


But the BEST response of the day? This one:



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