• October 3, 2023

Biden’s Big Plan Against Trump? Give Him An AWESOME NICKNAME!

The left knows that the 2022 midterms could be a potential bloodbath for them with the way this country is headed. Joe Biden promised that if he was elected that he would take our country and “Build it Back Better” than before, and now look at it.

The nation is in freefall due to out-of-control inflation and supply chain issues.

Instead of the Democrats working on ways to help the American people and stop the chaos that American families are facing, they are still focusing on Donald Trump.

Seriously, they are like an obsessed ex who cannot let go and move on.

The left continues to focus on Donald Trump and the MAGA movement hoping that will keep their base fearful of Trump supporters.

If the left can keep them terrified of conservatives they can steal another election, right?

However, that isn’t working so well for them, especially after the Virginia election.

If you remember, Youngkin won with HUGE margins, and since Youngkin’s race, Biden’s approvals have slipped more, and the country has grown more agitated and annoyed at Biden’s ineptitude and failed policies.

The left cannot get away with calling decent American voters “extremists” especially after you’ve pledged to “unify” the country.

If Biden is not sure of that, all he had to do was ask Hillary Clinton how that Basket of Deplorables worked out for her.

Maybe if Biden or his handlers would have thought about that, they would not have handed the MAGA movement a new slogan.

Just a couple of days ago, Biden gave us all a new nickname and I am loving it.

“ULTRA MAGA” moniker is awesome and I wish we would have thought of it sooner, but that is not the only new name that was given.

Biden also gave President Trump a new and really COOL nickname.

The latest one is The MAGA King, and let me tell you, it has a nice ring to it, and people already love it. I think it’s gonna go FAR.

Trump loves it. Look what he just posted on Truth:


Again, how could we not have thought of this?

Here’s what people online are saying:

“The other day it was UltraMAGA, now it’s The Great MAGA King Is Biden trying to tell us how awesome MAGA is??”

“Remember how trump was famous for giving people really demoralizing and brutal nicknames? This is like the opposite of that. This nickname is GREAT lol” 

“We are so fu**ing back!!! Long live the KING” 

The only reason Trump will be mad at this is he didn’t think of it first. #MAGAking

“Sleepy Joe is actually good for something now. He came up with really cool names for us and Trump”

“I am begging Joe to stop making Trump sound so cool” 

“And suddenly, a billion t-shirts were born.”

“Biden is historically bad at insults. Tomorrow he’s gonna be like “Trump, or as I like to call him, BADASS FU**ER IN CHIEF, amirite guys??”

“Ultra-MAGA and The great MAGA king! Thank you Joe! Very cool!”

It’s hilarious to me… I watch this unfold, and I think to myself, in the era of memes and internet trolls, why in the name of everything holy would you hand your “enemy” something like ‘The MAGA King” to play with and throw in your face?

Team Biden is just out of their league.

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