• May 27, 2024

Bill Clinton’s Biggest Secret To Date Has Been Exposed- This Could Put Him Behind Bars Tomorrow

At this point, nothing the Clintons do could ever surprise me. However, this is pretty disturbing stuff. Bill Clinton was just busted using a billion dollar money laundering company to fund his own sex parties and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  Here are the facts:

VIA|…Back in 2001 Bill Clinton started a non-profit known as the American India Foundation (AIF). The STATED goal was to rebuild 100 villages after a devastating earthquake left millions homeless.

After he had an Indian Multi-billionaire named Rajat Gupta pledge $1billion, only 7 villages were partially rebuilt.

So what happened to the rest of the money? You know, the Hundreds of Millions of dollars that went missing.

Well, let’s see. Bill Clinton managed to spend the money on:

  • $13 Million self-payout
  • “accelerating social change”
  • “sustainable development”
  • working for “digital equalizers”

Sounds a bit suspect, doesn’t it? Well, it also turns out that eight AIF officers, including two co-chairmen, five trustees and a director, are convicted felons. (H/T – Daily Caller)

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