• June 15, 2024

Biological Male Transgender Volleyball Player Made Eligible to Compete in Women’s Volleyball, May Qualify for Olympics

Pretty sick..the world we live in.

Let me explain.

Sports organizations around the world are continuing to rewrite their guidelines to make it easy for transgender athletes to compete with whatever gender they choose, and now controversy is brewing.

Here’s the rundown: A Biological male decides to take hormones to become a woman, and has, through the USAV, received permission to compete in women’s athletics. He/She then proceeds to use his natural physical advantages to dominate all the biological females, thus, making it to the Olympics.

Thompson, 32, is a transgender volleyball player from Hawaii, who, after competing as a male in all USA Volleyball events up until this year, obtained permission from USA Volleyball to compete as a female.

Thompson due to her OBVIOUS advantages in the sport, has become a massive force in the female division and has a pretty good chance at making it to the Olympics.

Thompson told NBC4,

“It’s a touchy subject because volleyball is a main sport here. Because of my religious background with my dad’s side and my mom’s side, we didn’t speak of it, but we knew. As soon as I turned 18 and I moved out, I started transitioning and started taking hormones.”

Shockingly, it was the hormone therapy, among other things, that made it possible for Thompson to obtain eligibility to compete as a woman:


USAV requires transgender women to undergo hormone replacement therapy consistently for at least one year — with proper documentation — and they also have to change their identification, like passports and birth certificates, to female. Before, some organizations, including the Olympics, would require trans athletes to have sex reassignment surgery.

“It took me three years to finally get approved with all the transitioning and all the hormone therapy and submitting all my paperwork to the gender committee,” Thompson told NBC4.

The community, rightfully, isn’t pleased with the decision.

According to NBC4,

“There has been some push back from the community. Players and parents we spoke to who did not want to be on camera say it’s not fair for teams with biological women because it creates an unrealistic level of competition.”

Clearly, no one at USA Volleyball cares about that.

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