• June 19, 2024

[VIDEO] Black THUG Sucker Punches Homeless White Male, Finds Out Who He’s Messing With

Massive crowds still mob President Trump when he visits large towns, with fans waiting in extra long lines to attend his rallies.

However, there are those that are eager to jeer his presidency and everything he stands for. Democrats rival and holler at him

 at every chance they can get, and since election day people have provoked violence all over America.

A new video has come forward of a black bully harassing a innocent white homeless male in Victorville, California.

Let’s all agree that this type of behavior is unacceptable, and this disarranged thug should think twice about ever attempting this again. 

According to americasfreedomfighters:

He got taught a huge lesson!


The homeless guy in the video is allegedly former NFL offensive lineman Chris Brymer who played for the Dallas Cowboys in the late 90’s and is well known in the area.

Check it out!

Homeless Ex NFL Player Pummels Sucker Punching Thug

YouTube video courtesy of GrandKMaster

Lol! Black dude got beat down! His fellow hoodlums didn’t dare jump in!

Let that be a lesson to anyone that thinks it’s okay to go around beating people up- especially homeless people.

And by the way- WHITE LIVES MATTER!

Oh and let’s not forget this gem.

After Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton the liberals jumped right to action by rioting, blocking freeways, lighting fires and committing brutal acts of violence. That’s who they are and that’s what they do. We have Obama to thank for this mob mentality and rampant racism.

So here we have a mob of angry black thugs somewhere in Chicago beating the hell out of an elderly white man because voted for Trump.

In this extremely shocking video we witness these animals punching and kicking this poor guy while other thugs steal his belongings.

The clip shows the thugs repeatedly screaming, “you voted Donald Trump” as they assault the victim from every angle while others steal his belongings.

“You voted Trump,” the mob screams, “You gonna pay for that sh*t.”

Another woman shouts “beat his ass,” while another man is heard laughing before remarking, “Don’t vote Trump.”

These leftist bastards even dragged him through the streets as he hang on to his car that the punks were stealing.

It’s really sick. This video is extremely disturbing and I have to warn you that it is extremely violent and after seeing this insanity I can guarantee that you will be extremely pissed off.

A video of the incident which is dubbed with the “F**k Donald Trump” song, a phrase now being chanted by “protesters” across the country, shows one of the attackers driving away in the man’s vehicle while his hand is still stuck in the window as the car drags him down the street.

YouTube deleted the video but I found a another version.

Animals. Savages. Useless trash.

This whole black bullshit is all Obama’s fault.

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