• June 17, 2024

BLM THUG Attempts To Kill Mother And Baby In Walmart Parking Lot — It Doesn’t End Well For Him

A distracted mother in the precarious position of helping her infant into the car seat was bum rushed by a pack of Black Lives Matter’s finest, who wanted nothing more than this woman and child’s blood on their hands.

Assuming they had the perfect, most helpless target that they could find at the Walmart in Shawnee, Kansas, they went for the mother’s life and made one huge mistake.

The 39-year-old woman was just trying to get an errand out of the way over the weekend when the thugs intervened on her afternoon from behind. As she was bent over inside the car, securing her baby for the ride home, two cocky armed men saw their opportunity and decided to take it without bothering to look behind them.

The unnamed mother began to scream as the two men brutally attacked her in broad daylight, seemingly trying to kill her and take her car with the child still inside. Since she wasn’t parked far from the front of the store, shoppers inside heard her desperate yells for help and came running. Evidently, the thugs weren’t prepared for the instant justice that they had coming to them since they automatically assumed that they can do and take whatever they want and claim racism when held accountable.

According to WDAF, two good Samaritans came running to the scene, catching 27-year-old Arthur Fred Wyatt III and 28-year-old John W. Simmons III by surprise, when Simmons was shot and killed in the course of the crime by an armed citizen. Wyatt also had a gun, presumably one he didn’t own legally, and he shot at the second good Samaritan, a 33-year-old Iraq war veteran who bravely took the bullet for this stranger. Thankfully, it didn’t kill him.

The veteran was taken to the hospital in serious condition on Sunday, while his would-be killer took off. The woman was also injured and is receiving treatment, but the baby and the armed civilian were both unharmed. Police had been looking for Wyatt since the shooting and finally located him. He was taken into custody on charges of attempted first-degree murder, attempted aggravated kidnapping, and attempted aggravated robbery.


The good Samaritan who shot one of the thugs and saved this woman and her child’s lives will not be charged with a crime, much to race-baiters’ discontent. These two criminals got exactly what they deserved, and it’s refreshing to see the Second Amendment in action, being used exactly how it was intended. Had both of these heroes been unarmed, there could have been four innocent victims that afternoon.


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