• December 3, 2021

BOMBSHELL REPORT: Justice Department Admits That The Clintons Threatened Loretta Lynch With Her Life

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch received a threat to her life by former president Bill Clinton, according to a source from the Justice Department, and then an unfortunate set of circumstances happened which resulted in Hillary Clinton being once again free to do as she please.

VIA USA Newsflash

The chain of events was so ‘ridiculous’ that the beleaguered Attorney General Loretta Lynch even attempted a joke, saying that she wished she knew “where the lock on the plane door was” when Bill Clinton was striding along the tarmac toward her plane.

“Loretta was shitting bricks after that meeting. Suddenly we had a whole new strategy, and things moved fast.”

“I can’t believe people can’t see it for what it was, it’s so obvious and ridiculous,” the Department of Justice insider said.

“It was just a f***ing mess in the Department. Everybody, including the FBI, did a U-turn.”

In addition, Congressman John Mica also referred to the “fishy” nature of the chain of events while questioning FBI Director John Comey about the scandal in the House of Representatives.

“My folks think there is something fishy about this. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but there are a lot of questions on how this came down.”

The moment the unwanted meeting between the Attorney General and Bill Clinton was over, the wheels started whirring at high speed and the mechanisms to get Hillary off the hook were set in rapid motion.

The FBI interviewed Hillary Clinton without placing her under oath and without recording the interview. Obama campaigned with Hillary on Air Force One to distract attention. Then the FBI cagily said Hillary was guilty in their eyes, but recommended against pressing charges.

Despite committing a crime equal to those of Edward Snowden, Hillary Clinton was off the hook to continue with her White House campaign.

Or, as Bill Clinton would say, “There’s one set of rules for us, and another set for everybody else.

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