• January 10, 2022

BOOOM!!! Navy Seal Who Killed Osama Bin Laden Destroy’s Hillary TO HER FACE For Taking Credit -WATCH

During the debates, Hillary Clinton spent a good portion of her time reciting her ‘accomplishments.’ One of her biggest boasts is that she helped to take down Osama Bin Laden.

Truth be told, the real man who killed Osama Bin Laden was Navy Seal Robert O’Neill. During a recent interview segment, he had some strong words for Clinton over her attempts to take credit.

“She’s taking some credit and she’s raising money because of it,” O’Neill commented. “I don’t want to take away from the part she had, but we didn’t kill Osama Bin Laden because of Hillary Clinton.

“We didn’t go for someone to win an office,” he continued. “As opposed to trying to raise capital for a campaign or get elected based on her national security because of the Bin Laden raid.”

Watch the full segment below and tell us what you think. Do you applaud O’Neill for calling Hillary out?


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