• June 17, 2024

BREAKING: DONZENS Of Clinton Foundation Employees Are About To Lose Their Jobs…And We Can’t Be More Excited

The Clintons believe that Hillary will win these elections, because they are about to introduce major changes in their foundation. What does the foundation have to do with Hillary’s campaign? Nothing.

They’re actually sending people home. At least this is what their people say. The even mentioned Chelsea.

Via The Daily Caller

Staffers at the Clinton Global Initiative are bracing themselves for job cuts in the coming weeks, a new report claims.

Two former Clinton Foundation officials — who remain in communication with staff — told Politico Wednesday that the foundation is preparing to lay off dozens of staffers at the end of the year.

Politico credits the cuts to the “concessions made by the Clinton Foundation to controversies swirling around Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.” 

“We informed CGI staff of this transition more than four months before the end of the year, and have provided information about CGI-related roles that will continue,” a spokesperson for the Clinton Foundation told Politico.

Bill Clinton recently said that he will step down from the foundation’s main board of directors and stop raising money if his wife is elected president.

Instead of shutting down the foundation — something the Clintons said would “hurt people” — or scrapping the board entirely, they are planning on handing over the reins over to Chelsea Clinton.

A spokesman for Chelsea said she plans to remain on the board because she “is committed to ensuring that those benefiting from the foundation’s work will be able to continue receiving that often life-changing help.”

Chelsea is not leaving the sinking boat, but what about all those people who are getting fired? You need voters, Hillary. Every vote counts.


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