• May 21, 2024


Trump got caught in a big avalanche with the audio thing, but things are getting clearer now, that’s for sure. He was the target of many vicious minds, but nothing could destroy its power and good will. His words are being twisted, and intentions misinterpreted. Why? Cause he has serious chance to win the elections?

The interesting thing about this audio is that it was released with an intention. Not because of all the hatred these guys have for Trump, but because of the second presidential debate. Yes, they did it in order to put a black mark over Trump during the debate, and we all know that he won it. He won it real good.

Via Conservative Tribune

NBC News isn’t doing much for the already floundering reputation of the mainstream media. The news agency has reportedly been caught lying about the controversial “hot mic” video that featured Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump making lewd remarks about women.

NBC said its delayed airing the video until its lawyers had a chance to review the material. However, that has come to look more like a lie to cover up their actual intentions.

Officials at NBC reportedly knew about the video long before they said they did, but wanted to hold on to it because it was too early in the election, TMZ reported.

Sources said a number of executives at NBC had “open disdain” for Trump and therefore planned to release the tape 48 hours before the debate so it would dominate the news leading up the the second presidential debate — essentially making the Republican nominee look bad.

Hurricane Matthew took precedence over Trump, however, and some impatient someone at NBC reportedly leaked the video to The Washington Post, which was more than happy to release it — apparently without consulting any lawyers first.

Talk show host Billy Bush reportedly bragged about the video in August, which also contradicted NBC’s story. The news organization also edited the tape to remove portions in which Bush said equally derogatory remarks about women.

Sadly, it’s not surprising to learn that NBC edited the video and waited to release it for the maximum impact it could have on Trump’s campaign.

Moreover, by holding back, the agency indicated that it doesn’t actually care about women’s issues at all. If it did, it could have released the tape years ago to bring attention to the issue.

Instead, NBC aired it when it doing so would help to destroy someone whose politics did not align with their own.

The bigger scandal about this tape is the fact that we have a news company that has demonstrated its bias, demonstrating the extent the liberal mainstream media will goruin a candidate they do not to support.

The pitiful bias is not taking you anywhere, haters. It just helps us see how fake you actually are. You can do whatever pops in your mind, but you’ll never get Trump down. Never ever.

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