• June 17, 2024

BREAKING: Wikileaks Exposes LIST Of Reporters Obeying Hillary’s Orders

Wikileaks just exposed a list of reporters who will do anything Hillary asks.

Biased isn’t even the word for these scumbags!

According to 100PercentFedUp:

The Clinton campaign likes to use glitzy, intimate, completely off-the-record parties between top campaign aides and leading media personalities. One of the most elaborately planned get-togethers was described in an April, 2015, memo — produced, according to the document metadata, by deputy press secretary Jesse Ferguson — to take place shortly before Clinton’s official announcement of her candidacy.

The event was an April 10 cocktail party for leading news figures and top-level Clinton staff at the Upper East Side home of Clinton strategist Joel Benenson, a fully off-the-record gathering designed to impart the campaign’s messaging:




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