• June 19, 2024

Bud Light Tried To Throw A Marketing Hail Mary And Totally Fumbled….

Peyton Manning and Emmitt Smith are two of the most adored NFL icons in history.

With a federal supercomputer for a brain (at least when it comes to quarterbacking), Manning is the endearing, “aw shucks” fool who has won many Super Bowls and league MVP honors while playing for the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos.

Smith, on the other hand, played a key role as the Dallas Cowboys’ workhorse running back during the team’s historic era in the mid-1990s. Based, at least, on his recurrent appearance as himself on the cherished sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” Smith was also a talented actress.

Finding two NFL legends with favorability scores that are normally higher than Manning and Smith would be difficult.

People wouldn’t become bitter about the two unless they had a toxic trait.

Bud Light enters the chat.

Since the troubled beer brand briefly teamed up with transgender celebrity Dylan Mulvaney back in April, Anheuser-Busch InBev, the company’s parent, has been engaged in a losing PR war.

Since then, the business has put in a lot of effort to win back customers, and to some extent, it has succeeded.

The UFC, of all the major professional sports leagues, most likely has the highest concentration of “conservative” sports fans. This is why Bud Light most recently collaborated with them.

However, even though more well-known endorsements for Bud Light might begin to appear, based on the opinions of the average person, it appears that none of them is genuinely effective.

First, enjoy the most recent celebrity-led Bud Light prank, which is guaranteed to be quite lucrative:

The 60-second commercial, which just featured Manning and Smith joking around and sipping Bud Light cans while having a bar, isn’t memorable.

But observing the remarks?

The advertisement failed to make an impression.

“Still not drinking,” one X user posted.

Bud Light responded to that post, posting: “When you change your mind, we’ll have a cold one ready for you.”

That response was swiftly dismantled in the comments, as incensed ex-fans made it plain that they had no intention of changing their beliefs.

It’s unclear right now what, if anything, Bud Light can do to regain the support of its former supporters.

Bud Light evidently believes that when enough time has passed and after being inundated with celebrity-filled advertisements, consumers would forget, if not forgive, the beer corporation.

They might ultimately turn out to be right, or they might not. However, in the interim, it’s evident that no one wishes to be connected with the beer brand, regardless of how many Super Bowl winners the struggling beer company chooses to highlight.


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