• December 8, 2023

Chaos Erupts As Social Justice Idiots Crash ‘Students For Trump’ Meeting…

It was utter chaos at Portland State University Thursday evening, as over 100 wackjob commie students crashed theforming meeting for Students For Trump. Fights nearly broke out, doxing and vandalism threats were issued to Trump supporters,

As Progressives Today Mike Strickland reported, Latino students were shoving the Trump students out of the way, another student encourages others to join anti capitalist groups, they shut down and silenced the pro Trump group, mocking their talking points, whined about TRUMP chalk on the sidewalk, and it ends with the socialist students gloating about shutting it down and promising to come back if Students For Trump holds another meeting.

Rumor has it that the organizer of the Students For Trump meeting called campus security after the fight nearly broke out, but security refused to act and never sent any officers.

Patriots Beacon