• June 15, 2024

Charlie Daniels’ Latest 13-Word Tweet Is Making ‘Safe Space’ College Liberals Go Bat SH*T Crazy

Charlie Daniels is making liberal college whiners’ heads explode with this Tweet. Was this too ‘mean’ or do you think it’s exactly what college students need to hear?

Daniels didn’t indicate what may have led him to post such a message — although just a minute prior he sent a tweet about free speech and dissenting opinions:

Regardless, folks jumped on his cotton-picking post and accused the famous fiddler of racism.

“Hey racist, picking cotton was typically not a paid position,” one reply read.

“[Y]our generation is the reason we are in trouble now,” another said. “Shut up & die already so we can actually have some quiet to fix this.”

“White people have NO history of manually picking cotton in the USA so I feel like he’s being racist,” another responder commented.

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