• June 19, 2024

Check Out How Many People Showed Up to Greet Hillary at the Airport

Hillary Clinton came to Texas today, her jet landing in Beaumont to greet fans and supporters.

The only problem? Nobody showed up.

Well, almost nobody. In total, only six people were at the airport to greet the former Secretary of State.

Well at least it was easy for her to meet and greet and spend enough time with each of her dedicated supporters….right?


Clinton did not pose for photos or even greet them. As the disappointed half-dozen watched, she got in her car and drove to a private fundraiser. “She didn’t say hello or visit with anyone while at the airport,” IJReview reported.

But what was more disturbing was why Clinton came to Texas in the first place: for a Muslim-only fundraiser.

As 12 News Now reports, Clinton was in West Beaumont to attend a fundraiser organized by Pakistani businessman Tahir Javed and a lage group of Texas Muslims.

The news station reports the campaign collected about $500,000, “making it one of the top five private fundraisers Clinton has had in this country.

“Many of the Pakistanis at the event were pleased with Clinton’s vocal support of the Muslim religion,” 12 News Now reports.

“Talking about Muslims and favoring Muslims, so I really appreciate her whatever effort she is making against Islamaphobia, so I really think she needs to be the next President of the United States,” Aisha Zahid says.

No time for rank and file Americans who came to greet her. Plenty of time to collect a cool half a mil from Muslim moneybags.

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