• April 13, 2024

City Won’t Let Veterans Stay Homeless, Builds Tiny Homes, Gives Them To Vets For Free

US veterans deserve the help and gratitude of American civilians, and the current tiny home movement is the perfect solution to so many financial issues surrounding the ability to support them as a community.

Currently an organization known as the veterans community project is establishing a 4 acre tiny home compound in Missouri with 50 buildings that will be provided to homeless veterans at no cost. This project is one of several throughout the country and if this project is continued in all major cities with an active homeless veteran problem the progress of helping men and women who served to protect this country will finally observe the substantial relief efforts these retired military personnel are not only entitled to but in desperate need of.

Via AWM:

An organization called Veterans Community project has built an entire village of tiny houses to provide homes for homeless veterans. This idea is both cost effective and empowering, and has the potential to be replicated from coast to coast.

Veterans Community Project, or VCP, is a Missouri organization that is tackling this problem head on. VCP was founded by three veterans who saw the gaps in services that veterans needed to survive in civilian life after experiencing the trauma of combat followed by life on the streets.

Working on a site of about four acres, they are constructing fifty tiny houses that will serve at least as many homeless vets. But the project does not end by putting a roof over their head. They will also be offering peer counseling and job training as a way to help reintegrate veterans back into the broader community.

Statistics prove that an unsettling number of homeless Americans are military veterans who suffer from the ability to safely integrate back into normal society after experiencing the emotional and mental devastation that is war. PTSD is an extremely real medical condition that involves ones inability to forget the violent actions forced upon them in the name of American security. These soldiers made the personal decision to dedicate a portion of their lives to ensure that the rest of America has the privilege of daily existence without the threat of military conflict from foreign governments. At the end of the day, American veterans deserve complete support because without them this country would no longer be the land of the free every other country openly envies.

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