• May 27, 2024

Clinton Foundation Just Got Really Bad News, Look What The FBI Is Investigating Them For Now

Hillary Clinton is having the worst year ever as the walls keep crashing down. Looks like the FBI has been doing their homework on the Clinton Foundation, and discovered something more horrific than anyone could have imagined. Finally, the proof we needed to start prosecuting!

VIA| There has been a lot of allegations made against the Clinton Foundation, primarily concerning corruption and money laundering. But now, the FBI might have hard evidence to prove it — and Bill and Hillary Clinton could be in big trouble.

Federal law enforcement officials have confirmed that money launderers were caught on a wire tap bragging that they could use the Clinton Foundation to clean millions of dollars in dirty cash. The allegations match up with evidence found on Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner’s laptop, which contained e-mails detailing financial information from the Clinton Foundation. All of this evidence is now in the hands of the FBI, which has opened a new investigation, along with the NYPD.

According to the NYPD, e-mails found on Weiner’s laptop linked Bill Clinton to at least one offshore company affiliated with the Clinton Foundation, and also contained offshore financial correspondences. There are also allegations from federal agents that one domestic company owned by Bill Clinton gave out millions of dollars to global banks which then placed the money in accounts controlled by the Clinton Foundation. “There’s sophistication in how this works and distributes cash to other accounts,” a federal intelligence source said. “Do we think this involves gun-running or drug-dealing criminals? Not intentionally, but the infrastructure is set up almost identically. Proceeds and income are being hidden the same way.”

Yet agents in Los Angeles say that the Justice Department is doing everything they can to get the investigation squashed. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, along with Leslie Caldwell, who runs the Justice Department’s criminal division, have both demanded that the investigation be dropped. Yet the FBI has been given permission from headquarters in Washington, D.C. to continue their investigation, with field offices in Los Angeles and New York heading it up.

But it’s not just law enforcement interested in the Clintons. The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), a department of the United States Treasury, is concerned about transactions linked to the Clintons’ corporate holdings. They have numerous Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) from Clinton-owned operations which have triggered money laundering safeguards. These are reportedly being used as part of the FBI’s investigation.

The documents show that the Clinton Foundation uses a variety of subsidiaries beyond just the supposed “charity”. There are allegedly many shell corporations which don’t follow the normal operating procedures for legitimate charity organizations. There is even speculation that the Clinton Foundation may have funded or profited from terror groups around the country. Five separate field offices for the FBI are currently participating in the investigation, and they all have to be involved due to the complexity and intricacy of the Clinton Foundation’s structure.


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