• June 17, 2024

Conservative Icon Tomi Lahren FORCED To Flee After Liberals Attack Event….

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren was forced to cut short a Thursday speech at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque as protesters attempted to break into the room where she was speaking.

The event, organized by the group Turning Point USA, was called off early due to safety concerns, according to KRQE-TV.

Lahren was escorted out of the room by campus police and “barricaded” in a kitchen in the student union, and she told Fox News.

TPUSA’s Charlie Kirk shared a video of the chaotic scene on Twitter.

Kirk wrote, “These thugs who terrorized [Lahren’s] [TPUSA] event in New Mexico are Domestic Violent Extremists. Where is the FBI? I thought they were committed to tracking and bringing DVEs to justice?”

As university police struggled to keep the protesters at bay, Lahren’s supporters chanted “USA! USA!” to gainsay the protesters just outside chanting “F*** Tomi Lahren!”

The Fox personality began live-tweeting. Lahren wrote, “Rabid and violent protesters [UNM] are now getting violent outside my speech. The university is doing nothing. If someone gets hurt here, you are responsible! Shame on you!”

Lahren followed up five minutes later with an update. “New Mexico police are now dispatched to my speech to deal with these violent and abhorrent protesters. Over speech, you don’t like? Freakin disgusting.”

One hour after her initial tweet, Lahren wrote, “Campus terrorists showed up at my [UNM] speech tonight, and UNM did not care. They shoved officers and tried to bust down the door to the speech room. These colleges are unbelievable. They don’t care about the safety of conservative students or guests. Sickening.”

“They had a group of leftists acting like typical leftists, Antifa,” Lahren later told podcast host Dan Dakich. “And unfortunately, the University of New Mexico doesn’t seem to care not only about my safety but the safety of their own students and left us all barricaded in a room with basically rabid banshee animals trying to bust down the doors to get to us.”

The Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo tweeted later that evening, “Antifa are celebrating what happened. They are threatened by freedom of expression and use violence to curtail speech. That is their MO.”

The Daily Lobo, the UNM student newspaper, reported on the event with the headline, “Students of color denied entry at Turning Point event at UNM.”

Maddie Pukite, the managing editor of the Daily Lobo, told KRQE that the protesters weren’t violent. However, Lahren tweeted an image of damage to a wall purportedly caused by protesters trying to break into the event.

The university said it is investigating the incident, according to Fox.

“The safety of our campus community and visitors is our first priority. We are deeply disappointed in the actions of those individuals who intentionally chose to disrupt a scheduled speaker and infringed upon the rights of the speaker and those who attended the event to listen and engage, vandalized University property and unlawfully pulled a fire alarm,” a UNM representative said.

“UNM is investigating these incidents and will hold anyone who violated the law or University policies accountable. Additionally, several UNM departments will be meeting to discuss improving the environment in which a speaker’s right to conduct their scheduled programming is ensured along with the public’s right to free speech.”

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