• April 13, 2024

Corn Farmers Have Sounded The Alarm And Said An Emergency Is On The Way….

Farmers across the country are warning about a new law that could devastate their businesses and the American economy.

According to Fox Business, Mexico is set to enact a new law that would prohibit the importation of genetically modified corn from the United States, and many are concerned that this could be “the most disastrous thing to happen to corn farmers.”

Mexico is the largest buyer of American corn, buying more than $10 billion in corn from the US, and most American farmers are not equipped to grow non-GMO corn.

Hinkel Farms’ Elizabeth Hinkel told Fox Business that switching to conventional corn would be a huge investment. Furthermore, our yields would be reduced.”

Hinkel also stated that the price of corn in one area is dependent on the entire country, which means that prices across the country will plummet and farmers will suffer massive losses.

Meanwhile, the USDA slammed Mexico’s decision, saying it is “not grounded in science” and threatens to harm bilateral trade relations as well as farm productivity in both countries.

We are all aware that GMO food is a contentious issue, with many people preferring not to consume it. Whatever your stance on the issue, the fact is that most American farms are not set up to grow non-GMO crops, and there is little chance that they will change in order to appease the Mexican government.

This means that we can no longer sell the majority of our corn supply to our largest buyer, which could send not only farmers but the American economy, into a tailspin.

Farmers are now marching to Capitol Hill to demand that lawmakers act to protect their livelihoods.
Meanwhile, this highlights a key difference between Joe Biden’s administration and that of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

When dealing with foreign countries, Trump was well-known for his tough and often abrasive demeanor. He famously confronted China over trade with the United States.

Trump also famously challenged Mexico on not only trade policy but also immigration, claiming that he would make Mexico pay for his border wall.

As a result, the southern border was secured, and trade relations between the two countries flourished.

Biden, on the other hand, has repeatedly allowed other countries to exploit the United States for their own gain.

His immigration policy has resulted in swarms of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border, as well as billions of dollars being sent to other countries at the expense of Americans.

No wonder Mexico isn’t hesitating to pass this legislation; they know there will be no consequences from the Biden administration.

Meanwhile, Mexico is enacting a rather Trumpian trade policy by imposing a 50% tariff on corn leaving the country.

Mexico appears to understand what it needs to do to ensure its economy thrives. Because the Biden administration does not, our economy is in free fall.

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