• March 4, 2024

Crooked Chris Wallace Has Just Learned His Fate…

Chris Wallace left Fox News thinking that he would be a huge hit on CNN+, but the streaming service died after just a few weeks.

It was a HUGE embarrassment, not only to the CNN network but to Chris Wallace.

Wallace fancies himself to be a “true journalist” that is only concerned with the truth. I guess that is why he slithered off to CNN, considering the network’s impeccable record of reporting the truth, right?

However, after the public embarrassment of losing the streaming service many wondered what would happen to Wallace. Where would he go?

Would Wallace come crawling back to Fox News and beg for his old spot again?

Thankfully, Fox News does not want the pompous Wallace back, but who would want him?

We now know that he will actually stay with CNN, and he’ll have his own show.

Rumors flowed Wallace would take over Chris Cuomo’s spot — but that’s not what will happen.

Chris will be the new “Sunday” guy over at CNN.

Axios reports that Warner Bros. Discovery, CNN’s new parent company, plans to announce during its upfront presentation to advertisers on Wednesday that Chris Wallace will host a Sunday evening show on CNN.

Why it matters: The longtime Fox News host had recently moved to CNN to launch a show on its now-defunct streaming service, CNN+.

Details: Wallace, who was hosting an interview show four days per week on the streaming service, will move to a weekly Sunday evening show on CNN’s linear network, two sources tell Axios.

CNN struck a multimillion-dollar contract with Wallace last year. The move shocked the news industry, given Wallace’s nearly two-decade career at Fox.

Later during the presentation, the network confirmed the move and noted that Wallace’s same interview show from CNN+ will debut this fall on HBO Max and will be on CNN Sunday evenings.
The big picture: Warner Bros. Discovery executives haven’t been shy about their intentions for CNN, repeatedly saying that they want to focus the network’s future on nonpartisan reporting instead of personality programming in primetime.

Speaking at the upfront event, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav CNN, “When most news networks are advocacy networks, we at CNN intend to advocate for journalism first.”

So, Chris Wallace, who claimed he left Fox News because of his amazing “integrity,” will now be the cornerstone of TV’s biggest fake news production.

Bravo, Chris, you’re a real professional.

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