• July 16, 2024

Democrats Beginning The Big Push To Pack The Court!

We all know Democrats are slowly failing, and now they are panicking because they been hit in their weak spot.

Even with their puppets in the White House and a slim majority in Congress —Democrats still have a major weak spot in their socialist agenda: the Supreme Court.

With a 6-3 conservative majority – Trump left the court in a good situation. Meaning Democrats can’t ram their agenda through the courts and get away with it.

Now that Trump’s SCOTUS just took up a major case- Democrats are even more nervous and grow desperate – Democrats are making more threats as their last resort.

Excerpt from The Hill Reports:

Democratic senators say if the Supreme Court strikes a blow against Roe v. Wade by upholding a Mississippi abortion law, it will fuel an effort to add justices to the court or otherwise reform it.

The Supreme Court’s conservative majority this week agreed to hear the Mississippi case, which could dramatically narrow abortion rights by allowing states to make it illegal to get an abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy…

Chipping away at Roe v. Wade will precipitate a seismic movement to reform the Supreme Court,” he said. “It may not be expanding the Supreme Court, it may be making changes to its jurisdiction, or requiring a certain numbers of votes to strike down certain past precedents.”

Because Democrats have no control over the Supreme Court, they are already talking about ways to reduce its influence over our country.

Basically, Democrats are saying, “Do what we say or we will destroy you.”

Ironic, considering the court exists to check the power of a runaway Congress!

Democrats don’t see this irony, because they are so hellbent on pushing their extreme agenda.

Senate Democrats are claiming that if the court upholds an abortion law from Mississippi—it would undermine their holy grail of Roe v. Wade.

Unwilling to let that historic (and largely outdated) ruling fail, they are making threats toward the SCOTUS.

But even they admit they don’t have the clout to “pack” the court. Right now, they are exploring ways to undermine the court’s “jurisdiction,” or to cook up new rules about what they can actually decide.

Again, these Democrats in Congress want to erode the power of the court—which is why we have the court in the first place.

I wonder if they even have the ability to change the court at all? If by some miracle, Democrats pass a law that altars the court, the Supreme Court itself has the power to rule that law un-Constitutional.

You know, the very thing the court does all the time?

Do Democrats even know how our country works at all?

Watch it here: The Hill

Sources: GOP Daily Brief, The Hill

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