• August 9, 2022

Jamiel Shaw, Sr. – Father of Son Killed by Illegal – on Democrats in Congress: “I Ignore Them Like They Ignore Me”

Jamiel Shaw, Sr. is a former Democrat whose son was shot dead by an illegal immigrant a block from his home.

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Jamiel Shaw, Sr. and President Trump both have stated the friendship between the two men has grown incredibly strong, even at one point stating that Trump “was sent from God.”

“Donald Trump is not only my hero, he’s my life-saver.”

He attended Trump’s speech to Congress on Tuesday as a special guest, where he witnessed something disturbing: When the President discussed setting up support for those whose relatives have been killed by illegal immigrants, some Democrats booed and others gave the President a ‘thumbs down’.

He joined Fox and Friends the morning after to discuss the Democrat’s disgraceful antics during Trump’s speech.

He had a showstopping response! Here it is:


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