• September 29, 2023

Democrats Just Hatched Another Hateful Plan To Rip Your Guns From You!

The gun-grabbing liberals have been quiet lately concerning gun rights, but now, they are ramping up their efforts again after the Buffalo shooting.

They know they need to rally their base up again right before the mid-terms, and what better way to do that than by beating on the gun control drum.

So, they have crafted a new bill that would fundamentally revise gun ownership from a right enjoyed by American citizens to a privilege bestowed by the government at its own discretion.

Yeah, this is not the typical gun control push at all.

They are using the shooting in Buffalo as the pretext to give the Department of Justice sweeping power to decide if you can own a gun.

If you have already purchased a gun, then you know that buying one already requires a NICS background check. This background check already prevents felons from buying or owning guns, thanks to the existing laws.

However, if this new bill were to pass, it would require a lengthy licensing process through the Department of Justice — every time you purchase a new firearm.

Booker’s bill would give the Attorney General discretion to approve or deny a federal firearms license, even if you’ve never been convicted of a crime.

The Attorney General would be able to deny a firearms license if they determined that the prospective gun owner “poses a significant danger of bodily injury to self or others” by owning a firearm.

Here is more from Western Journal:

The federal government could deny Americans gun rights if they’ve ever been arrested or have a history of drug or alcohol use. They can even be denied for the “unsafe storage or handling of firearms.”

Furthermore, some could be denied a firearm because of a “recent acquisition of firearms, ammunition or other deadly weapons.”

Imagine that — getting denied by the federal government to purchase a gun because you’ve previously purchased a gun.

Applicants for federal permission would also have to submit proof of taking extensive safety classes. Learning how to handle firearms from your parents simply properly won’t cut it.

Gun control is one of several issues in which public opinion has swayed away from the Democratic platform in recent years.

Attempts to ram through massive gun control packages during Barack Obama’s presidency ended in failure for Democrats.

Making gun ownership a privilege to be bestowed by the federal government rather than a right is a questionable plan to reverse Democrats’ dismal midterm prospects.

The gun control package is all but dead in the 50-50 Senate. Still, Republicans hoping for a midterm campaign boost may want progressives to emphasize the federal gun license proposal as much as possible.


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