• June 19, 2024


An anti-Trump protester appears to have played chicken with a car in San Diego — and lost. A group of millennials marching against the results of the presidential election reportedly wandered too close to Interstate 5 and one woman was hit by a car.

When you intentionally walk onto a highway at night, wearing dark clothing, and flashing cell phone lights at oncoming traffic, essentially blinding the driver, eventually someone is going to get hit.

 There is absolutely no way to know the race of the person driving the car which appears to have hit the protester — or even whether or not the man or woman behind the wheel was a Donald Trump supporter.

I honestly don’t know what these kids were thinking walking across a dark highway at night like this. Their ignorant hubris could have cost this young woman her life.

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The protesters were believe to be University of California students. Interstate 5 is located near the La Jolla campus.

The video was posted to YouTube on November 9. In a longer version of the video, police show up a few minutes later and we see her carted off by  EMTs. This is was not fake or real, someone got horribly injured because they were acting like a petulant child.

 We may not agree with her politics or behavior, but we surely don’t want to see anyone injured like this. They are making a horrible assumption drivers will be able to see them and stop in time… and this proves that is not always the case.

Of course, there is also the driver to think about in this. What if this man or woman is charged when these kids should have not even been on the highway in the first place. We could see two lives ruined because liberals think they can change our Constitution because they did not get what they want!

 Anti-Trump protests have been held nightly in Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, New York, and several other major cities, since 24 hours after Election Day. To date, there have been at least 71 protester arrests.

The millennials protesting the President-Elect shouted, among other things, “Education not Deportation!” No matter how loudly or how often these protesters and their peers around the country shout, “Hey, hey, ho, ho,” Donald Trump is not going “to go” anywhere but into the White House he won the right to occupy for at least the next four years.

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