• May 21, 2024

Evidence supports Obama being Directly Responsible for the Las Vegas Massacre

Obama’s financial and verbal support for extreme Left Activists directly fueled Stephen Paddock’s decision to execute a strategic plan for mass murder.

Investigations are on going after Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas at the Harvest music festival, but some information has  yet to be released. We know now that police believe that the shooter, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, acted alone, but what’s still a mystery is the answer to the question of, why?

As evidence is collected the American public is discovering that despite mainstream media portraying Paddock as an extreme right wing gun activist, the reality is anything but. Pictures and propaganda from Antifa is said to have littered the hotel room from which Paddock executed his deadly attack. Furthermore, reports are claiming that Paddock also attended an anti-Trump protest back in August, so once again the qestion arise… could liberal and mainstream media outlets be attempting to hide the truth in order to pedal their BS rhetoric to the public?

It is very possible.

Via Freedom Daily:

Groups like Antifa have now rapidly risen to power thanks to Obama, where these domestic terrorists are now serving as the militant wing of Obama’s shadow government. Now Obama has the blood of Americans on his hands yet again, after what was just discovered about the deranged Las Vegas shooter.

As soon as the name of the shooter was revealed by authorities on Monday, we began taking a closer look into the background of Stephen Paddock where we discovered through conservative investigator Steven Haffley from Illwriteit.com that the shooter was allegedly an anti-Trump activist who attended an anti-Trump event back in August. But as soon as Haffley’s video began to go viral and was picked up by other credible news sources, the video evidence was immediately yanked from Youtube, as liberals are frantically trying to censor all negative information about the shooter.

Inside sources within the FBI hostage rescue team that day are now revealing that they found Antifa propaganda littered throughout the hotel room, an unfortunate fact for Obama who was busted by congressional investigators several months ago for funding radical left-leaning groups. Obama’s Benghazi partner in crime, Hillary Clinton, has blood on her hands too, as she was busted for giving Antifa terrorists around $800,000, although liberal “fact checkers” like Snopes will try and deny this as the truth.

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