• May 16, 2022

Experts Reveal War Crime Trials Against DEMOCRATS May Be On the Way…

There is nothing worst than committing crimes against humanity in this country and around the world.

Democrats always use Trump to bury their failures. They are very good at finger-pointing their failures to others.

Finally, I have been waiting for someone to speak out, and what Cernovich said, I 100% agree.

Well, it’s not just Dems who created such heinous crimes, these include the establishment, statists, leftists, and political.

I would love to see these people face trial, and if found guilty they should face capital punishment for what they did—just like Nuremberg.

Author, filmmaker, and thinker Mike Cernovich joined The War Room with Steve Bannon and told him that we need war crime tribunals in this country:

He also called out Kevin McCarthy for being weak on the corruption and human rights abuses, take a look:

The Gateway Pundit featured this excerpt from the conversation:

There’s a lot of stress. There’s a lot of destruction of family relationships. A lot of lost finances. It essentially upends your life forever.

And that’s again what the Department of Justice is doing to people. So I would really like to hear Kevin McCarthy explain why there’s not going to be human rights tribunals.


According to The Epoch Times’ previous report, Dr.Malone’s perspective is that the U.S. population is suffering a mass formation psychosis. Dr.Malone previously called attempts to mandate Covid-19 vaccines violations of the Nuremberg code:

Key mRNA contributor Dr. Robert Malone, a prominent skeptic of mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations, suggested to popular podcaster Joe Rogan—days after Malone was suspended from Twitter—during an interview that the United States is in the midst of a “mass formation psychosis.”

Sources: WLT, The Epoch Times, The Gateway Pundit

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