• June 20, 2024

EXPLOSIVE VIDEO: Every Millennial Woman In America Just Gave Hillary the Worst News of Her Life

This is exactly the kind of stuff that the media HATES running because they know it could ruin Hillary Clinton’s entire career in just seconds!

Today MSNBC decided to go to a college campus to do their most recent pro-Hillary propaganda push. They wanted to prove that young women like Hillary. WHOOPS!

When the reporter asked the crowd of politically active women if THEY feel connected to Hillary, the crowd shouted back in unison: NOOOO!!!!!

Beautiful, isn’t it? Sure, when they asked the loaded question of “Do you think it’s cool that a woman is running for president?” they were all on board. After all, a lot of Americans would love to see a woman in the White House…

…As long as that woman is NOT Hillary Clinton!!!

Hillary likes to pretend that she was able to capture the hearts of my generation by presenting her army of celebrities and her favorite pet, Bernie Sanders. (H/T – The Gateway Pundit)

It’s time for a reality Check Hillary. WE are the kids of America and WE do NOT want you as our President!

Let’s give my generation a hand in getting the word out that we will never support a facist, corrupt pig like Hillary Clinton. All I need you to do is share this with all the Millennials you know on Facebook. She will NEVER be our President!


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