• May 27, 2024

Famous Best-Selling Author Gets an Epic Reality Check After Posting Anti-2A Rant

When James Patterson launched a poorly researched and executed attack on the Second Amendment, he showed his X fan base that despite his prowess as a novelist, he is not so great when it comes to history.

Author James Patterson, known for his suspense novels like “Along Came a Spider” in the popular Alex Cross detective series, pretended to be a liberal in a Friday post on X, in which he attempted to read the minds of our founding fathers but failed miserably. He also used poorly defined words, demonstrated a lack of understanding of the American Revolution, and displayed a startling ignorance of current gun laws in the United States.

The author was overheard bemoaning the fact that Americans can have “machine guns” and adamantly maintaining that the founders wouldn’t want “farm boys” to have access to such weapons.

“I write about assault weapons more than I’d like to. I believe their place is in the hands of law officers and our military,” he wrote to kick off his uninformed, anti-Second Amendment screed. “I honestly don’t see why anyone else needs to have a machine gun,” he wrote.

And, don’t you know, he knew his stuff on assault guns to the tune of “99.999%” certainty.

“I’m 99.999% sure that Tom Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Washington, and the Adams boys did not foresee assault rifles in the hands of farm boys back in the 18th century, when they were writing the Second Amendment. Muskets and flintlock pistols fired a single shot in about 20 seconds,” he bloviated with a pedestrian argument that has been debunked time and again.

His claims that the Second Amendment is unconstitutional are the usual liberal rubbish that has been disproved time and time again.

To begin with, the ideas of the very founders he praises are fundamentally at odds with the notion that only the police and military should have the strongest weaponry. The founders were wary of an all-controlling central authority and advocated for the “farm boys” of the country to have an equal say in matters of state. That’s why it’s unAmerican to restrict access to the latest and greatest firearms to just the police and the military.

Second, it’s obvious he has no concept of what a “machine gun” is, as fully automatic rifles are already functionally illegal in the United States due to the high costs associated with obtaining the necessary licenses and the stringent rules surrounding their ownership. Most people can’t get their hands on a real “machine gun.”

Now he says he is “99.999% sure” that the founders didn’t “foresee assault rifles in the hands of farm boys back in the 18th century,” yet he is dead incorrect. A modern “assault rifle,” as it was called at the time, was a priority for the founders. They believed that every adult over the age of 17 should have access to one.

Patterson alludes to the flintlock musket, which was the most advanced military weapon of its time thanks to its attachable bayonet. Not once did a founding father call for citizens to be armed with “single-shot muskets.” They specifically requested that Americans be allowed to possess “firearms.” They adopted the more general word because they were fully aware that technological advances would lead to improvements in weapon design and production.

Dana Loesch, a popular national talk show presenter, did indeed immediately school the scribbler.

“Well, you’re 99.999% wrong,” Loesch wrote. “The founders would’ve purchased repeating flintlocks for war except for price. Jefferson owned a Girandoni rifle later adopted by the Austrian military. The Puckle gun was considered the 1st machine gun & predates the Constitution. You clearly don’t know the difference between a semi auto, select fire, or full auto capabilities. To quote the great Jeff Lebowski, ‘that’s just like, your opinion man.’”

Given that Patterson is exercising his First Amendment right to free speech by using a computer to post information on the Internet and that the Founders “didn’t foresee mass communications in the hands of farm boys back in the 18th century,” Patterson’s antics are, of course, quite funny.

Following Patterson’s ridiculous interpretation of the Second Amendment, he would be denied the right to free expression on all post-Constitutional forms of communication.

Many people agreed that Patterson’s rhetoric was simplistic and left-leaning.

“You’re wrong. Of course the Founders could perceive of a future in which guns get better. During their time, gun tech was rapidly improving,” Jordan Schachtel replied. “Why do I need a rifle? See: Hamas paragliders/ infinite amount of circumstances in which a community may face multiple aggressors.”

More joined in to blast Patterson’s conceit.

Finally, it’s simple to refute the left’s assertion that a “well-regulated militia” denotes a force under governmental control.

Having things in order was what “well-regulated” referred to back then. It did not imply being subject to centralized government oversight.

In truth, the founders did not plan for the establishment of the modern regulatory state, in which the federal government dictates how its citizens must conduct themselves. The term “the militia” also meant the same thing as “the people.”

The Heller judgment by the United States Supreme Court was the correct one. The Second Amendment is not a restricted right that is only available to those who are actively serving in a “militia.” Every citizen over the age of 17 has the right to vote, and they should be free to do so whenever they see fit.

James Patterson has no business trying to write about actual life or historical events; he belongs in the fantasy realm of his novels.




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