• November 30, 2023

Female With Attitude Gets Glass Shattered By Police For Refusing To Lower Windows

Bad attitudes and frustrated cops never make for a good combination.  This lady was not in the mood to cooperate and the outcome was not in her favor.

Nathan Samuelson sums this video up like this:

Stupid girl shouldn’t argue with the cops. He told her several times what would happen if she didn’t do what he said.

She would have had plenty of time to ask whatever she wanted to ask AFTER she did what he told her to do. She was too busy trying to act like she shouldn’t be in trouble.

There’s no point in arguing with a cop. They have all the guns and backup they need. Any amount of resistance will be met with an even bigger force from them. If you want to argue with a cop, then take them to court. Don’t argue with them on the street. It’ll never end well for you. Never

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