• May 27, 2024

Former Miss Universe Manager Comes Forward, Exposes Bombshell Info On How Trump REALLY Treats Women

The opportunistic roaches are coming out of the woodwork to make their false accusations against Donald Trump and the mainstream media is shielding them from the light of the truth. If it weren’t for the power of social media and the Internet the man would be tried, condemned, and hung already.

But when people turn off CNN and MSNBC, when they put down The New York Times and click off The Huffington Post, a dramatically different story presents itself. While the usual suspects in the Progressive dominated media propagandize that Donald Trump is a groping letch, people in positions to know the truth are speaking out in his defense, and doing so forcefully. One of these voices belongs to a former national fashion coordinator for the Ms. Universe Organization who says in a Twitter video, “I am coming forward now to tell you that these accusations are wrong; they’re false.”

Over the past week, a gaggle of opportunists have come forward to accuse Donald Trump of groping them, of sexually assaulting them, and of being an overt barbarian. Discerning minds understand this to be smear tactic executed at the perfect time by his opponent’s campaign, but those not up to speed on the disingenuous tactics of the Clinton campaign are falling for the bait.

Any politically savvy news consumer understands these allegations to be a stock tactic of the Progressive Left. This tactic was used against opponents of Bill Clinton, it was used against opponents of Barack Obama (twice), and it is being used against Donald Trump now.

“I was the National fashion coordinator for five states for the Miss Universe Organization [up to 2005],” she the Trump insider. “During this time I came into contact with thousands of parents and young ladies. I dressed many pageant contestants. And during this time I had never heard one accusation against Mr. Trump.”

Those familiar with the behind the scenes workings of beauty pageants understand that the fashion coordinator is one of the most trusted individuals to the contestants. They are the ones responsible for making them look their best on stage, therefore giving them the best chance to win. Trust in this position is the end-all-be-all

“I’ve heard some horrible, horrible things on the news today that have troubled my heart, and that is why I am coming forward now to tell you that these accusations are wrong; they’re false,” she said. In viewing the video her sincerity is such that no actor could feign its genuineness.

Calling Trump a “true gentleman” and a “true man,” the former fashion coordinator (who goes unnamed in the video) shares how Trump was a consummate professional back stage. She also talks about how he was truly interested in what she and her sister – a reigning Miss Teen Virginia USA – had to say in critique of the show.

“These young ladies trusted me,” she said. “If ever there was a time that Mr. Trump had done anything inappropriate they would have come to me before they even would have gone to their parents. So, I’m here to tell you that those things you’re hearing – on national television – that’s wrong; it’s very wrong.”

It is stunning that the mainstream media refuses to give both sides of the story. That, in and of itself, serves as an indictment of the media for its abdication of journalistic integrity. In fact, it proves beyond doubt that We the People cannot find the truth any longer in the mainstream media.

It has now, in the last two weeks to the election, become our job to disseminate honest, truthful, and accurate information – not only to the like-minded, but especially to those who do not share our understanding of what is in the balance for our country.

That is why this brave woman had to share the truth with everyone. And believe you me, she is going to get a lot of hate thrown at her for speaking the truth!


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