• May 21, 2024

Foul-mouthed, Feminist, Hillary supporter flips off a Trump supporter, then argues with the cop who says she was starting with him

(Caution if children are around, extremely vulgar language being used by this woman)

Take a look at the typical Hillary supporter, an unhinged, most likely single, radical feminist who thinks she can do no wrong.

This woman who claims she was harassed, chased, and threatened by a Trump supporter is actually the aggressor, according to her own words. But when the cop shows up, according to her she’s the victim! Watch as this clearly mentally unstable feminist attempts to argue, even with the police officer regarding her ‘free-speech laws’. Then, when the officer disagrees with her she attempts to accuse him as being part of the problem, simply because he’s a man.

As you can see in the video, the woman admits she’s foul mouthed by proclaiming what you hear now is actually the toned down version. Which could only mean her vocabulary is extremely limited, or she is simply a vulgar woman, which after seeing this video, appears to be the case.


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