• December 8, 2023

Fox Drops Truth Bomb, Reveals REAL Reason Terrorists Dad Was Behind Hillary

While the liberal media has been salivating over Republican nominee Donald Trump’s recent remarks about “Second Amendment people” that they have interpreted as a call for rival Hillary Clinton’s assassination, they have barely reported on a Clinton rally with a different sort of guest in the audience.

Seddique Mateen, the father of the terrorist who slaughtered 49 people at a night club in June, attended a Clinton rally on Monday night in Kissimmee, Florida, and magically found himself sitting just behind Clinton, in plain view of the cameras.

Greg Gutfeld, co-host of Fox News’ “The Five,” said that Mateen’s presence at the rally was more proof that Clinton is a complete failure at security wherever she goes.

“In the world of the Taliban, you don’t want to be a stone’s throw from anyone, especially if you’re a woman,” Gutfeld said, questioning how the pro-Taliban, anti-gay Mateen could have ended up so close to Clinton without the Secret Service doing something about it.

Also of question, why was the father of a terrorist who himself espouses pretty anti-American sentiments at a rally for the Democrat Party? Did he perhaps feel right at home with the America-hating liberals?

Gutfeld went on to say that Clinton continually suffers from a “lax security disorder” because everything in her life seems to be wide open — except her own personal life, that is.

“Everything but her own privacy is an open door and priorities seem as skewed as her delightful bark,” he stated.

If the parent of a school shooter showed up at a Trump rally, the media would never stop talking about how terrible this was. In fact, they’d claim it as proof that all Republicans are horrible murderers.

However, because Mateen showed up at a rally for the media’s chosen one, they will simply pretend that it never happened and continue misconstruing Trump’s remarks to distract America from the things that really matter.


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