• June 19, 2024

RELIGION OF PEACE: 8 Year-Old Girl Dies During Sex With 40-Year-Old ‘Husband’ On Honeymoon Night

Islam is a pretty morbid religion. It boggles my mind that libs fight tooth and nail to keep these people on our country, unvetted, and completely free to do whatever the heck they please.

Well here it is. The Religion of Peace savagely strikes again.

As you probably know by numerous cases of child rape from Muslims, Pedophilia is permitted in the Qur’an.

According to sources:

Pedophilia was practiced by Prophet Muhammad and his companions, and some Muslims today continue to commit the crime, following their prophet’s example.

Pretty sick that they’d take advice from a dude with a nine year old wife.

Here is a glorious picture that perfectly depicts the modern day ‘Religion of Peace.’

16-0302 PedophileLG

These are the latest victims of Radical Islam.

Typically, you would think…this doesn’t happen in America! It only happens in places like Syria, or Saudi Arabia.’

Well, thanks to the ridiculously liberal Trump predecessor and his cronies, you’re absolutely WRONG- it happening right here on American soil..and it’s time we do away with it once and for all.

Do we really want people like THIS around our children?

VIA| A 40-year-old Muslim man recently married an innocent 8-year-old girl. Unfortunately, the situation was only made worse later that day as reports have recently come out explaining the vile things the Islamist did to his new bride – and it was a bit more than just consummating on their wedding night.

The incident reportedly occurred in the tribal area of Hardh in northwestern Yemen, where yet another disgusting Muslim wedding took place. Proving that the religion is still stuck in the 7thcentury, a little girl was forced into a marriage with a man 5 times her age.

According to the recent reports, the little girl died that night on account of suffering internal injuries due to sexual trauma. In essence, this monster raped her to death. As a result, human rights organizations are calling for the arrest of the man, but there is no word that this will ever come to be.

Once again, they have proven they don’t have a place in God’s America!

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