• June 17, 2024

GOODBYE CREST WHITESTRIPS!: He Mixes Three Ingredients and Puts Them on His Teeth. The Results Are INCREDIBLE

Is there anything more unattractive than a yellow smile? When I learned that this easy, all-natural recipe can whiten my teeth and cure gum disease, I was blown away. This stuff is incredible!

One little ingredient is what makes this recipe so powerful: Turmeric — one of the mightiest spices out there. Turmeric is an important ingredient in Indian cuisine.

Because turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory properties, alternative medicine supports it’s use in the treatment of many ailments.

The Indian Society of Periodontology claims that turmeric is an effective mouthwash, which helps a lot those who are dealing with gingivitis.

If “stuff” starts hitting the fan, in this country…and we have to be far more self-sustaining. Knowing stuff like this…will be helpful.

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