• December 3, 2021

GOP Rep Just REVEALED His Plot To Catch Pelosi In A LIE!

Sometimes, you have to get creative in order to get to the conclusion you need to get to.

For example, several years ago I had a friend who got a speeding ticket from one of those cameras that are on the side of the highway that are positioned about 50 feet in the air. He contested the ticket and won. Here’s how.

He got the ticket in the mail about six weeks after the supposed incident happened. He was never notified by an officer about what happened, and he wasn’t totally sure of whether or not they had recorded the speed of a different car.

So he asked for them to take down the camera and inspect it to make sure it was running properly. They wouldn’t do that, so they had to get rid of the ticket. It seems that a GOP rep is doing that right now with Pelosi…

GOP Rep. Andrew Clyde was fined $15,000 for twice bypassing the metal detectors installed at the behest of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats in the wake of the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion. It was seen as a slam-dunk victory for Pelosi and for the new rule that which implemented $5,000 fines for a first offense and $10,000 for a second offense.

“Many House Republicans began disrespecting our heroes by refusing to adhere to basic precautions keeping members of our congressional community safe — including by dodging metal detectors, physically pushing past police, and even attempting to bring firearms into the chamber,” Pelosi said in a February statement after the fines were announced against Clyde and another metal detector refusenik, GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert.

“It is beyond comprehension why any member would refuse to adhere to these simple, common-sense steps to keep this body safe.”

As it turns out, that wasn’t what Clyde was doing. Even though he’s a gun-store owner, the Georgia representative wasn’t armed with a gun, he says. Instead, the Second Amendment supporter wanted to get Pelosi into court about the constitutionality of the rule.

“I did that so we would have legal standing to take the case to federal court, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do,” Clyde told Fox News in an article published Saturday.

“And I’m all teed up to do that. People have to stand for the Constitution. And if I have to get fined in order to give me a legal standing to do that, then I’ll be fined.”

Clyde says the fines levied upon him and Gohmert were all part of the strategy.

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