• June 17, 2024


One family in Australia began digging up their yard for some foundation work. They were shocked to discover what looked like fragments of a human skull. When they contacted authorities, they found out something they probably didn’t want to know.

The user on Reddit posted a story, complete with photos, about recent events taking place in their home, and how the incident led to a disturbing discovery. The family brought in heavy equipment to dig out the front yard, and apparently the family dog jumped right in to lend a paw. The dog dug up what appeared to be human skull fragments– when the family found what looked like a human jaw, with teeth attached, they contacted the authorities.

Cops came to investigate, but were reluctant to determine on the spot whether the skull fragments were human remains. Eventually they called in a forensics team who took away the fragments.

That’s when the Redditor got some interesting news: the family’s house sits on top of what used to be a cemetery. The cemetery was decommissioned back in 1872, and they were supposed to have moved the bodies to a new resting place, however it appears some bodies were left behind.

Archeologists from the university are planning to come in and ‘scout through the rest of the disturbed ground.’

Haven’t these people ever seen ‘Poltergeist’? They may want to sell the family’s televisions and make plans to move right away.

Photo: Reddit / hobartcatcafe

Family finds bone fragments under their home.

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