• December 8, 2023

GROSS: When You Find Out What Those White Strings Are In Your Egg…You May Never Eat One Again


Eggs are a staple part of our breakfast menu, but have we really given much thought to what exactly we’re eating?? Usually I just see the yellow yolk and the egg white in my eggs, but sometimes there are some extra ingredients in these things! I’ve never known what these little white stringy things in me egg are, but apparently their presence isn’t that bad after all!

It turns out that these white strings are called “Chalazae”, and are used to anchor the yolk in the middle of the egg so that the growing embryo isn’t pressed up against the shell. They get left behind in all eggs – fertile or infertile – but they are known to disintegrate over time. Therefore, you should actually be a bit concerned if you don’t see them in your eggs… Who knows how old those things are?

Apparently they don’t contain any fat, so you shouldn’t be too concerned about a negative nutritional impact. But still, sometimes I find these sort of gross…


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