• June 17, 2024

Trump Makes SHOCKING Announcement About His Wife And Family…You’re Going To WANT To Hear THIS!!

If there is one thing Donald Trump has proven on the campaign trail, it is that he intends to run his campaign and likely his presidency the way he wants to.

On Friday, the New York businessman announced that his children and his wife will take turns at the podium at this month’s Republican National Convention.

“My children are going to be speaking at the convention,” Trump confirmed at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, “Ivanka, Tiffany, Don, Eric. They’re going to be speaking. My wife is going to be speaking at the convention! We’re gonna have a great time.”

We have heard a lot from Trump’s children on the campaign trail, but Melania has been notably silent. While Ivanka has been considered one of Trump’s top advisers, his wife has remained largely a mystery.

She did speak before a crowd in Milwaukee in April, endorsing her husband as a great man and hard worker.

“He is a hard worker, he’s kind, he has a great heart, he’s tough, he’s smart, he’s a great communicator, he’s a great negotiator,” she said.


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