• April 17, 2024

No, The CBO Did Not Say That 24M People Will ‘Lose’ Their Health Insurance Under Trump’s Plan

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its analysis of the Republican leadership’s Obamacare replacement bill Monday afternoon, and in it were some encouraging numbers; President Trump’s healthcare plan would significantly reduce the deficit and put downward pressure on insurance premiums.

There was one number that stood out to the libtards, though, and they decided to RUN with it.

That number? 24 million.

Here’s the spin off:

“24 Million Americans WILL LOSE HEALTH COVERAGE under President Trump’s Plan!”

That is a MASSIVE number and it should absolutely cause some concern. But the word lose – like the New York Times tweeted here or the Boston Globe wrote here – seems to suggest that 24 million Americans will have their health insurance coverage ripped out their hands by sinister Republicans.

That is not accurate. and oversimplifies an extremely complicated issue with the main intent being to slander the GOP’s (incomplete and still unofficial) healthcare bill.

VIA| According to the CBO, the first spike in the number of uninsured Americans will come in 2018, when the number of uninsured increases by 14 million. However, as the highlighted portion from the report shows below, “most of that increase” will be prompted by the repeal of ObamaCare’s mandate and penalties, which means that millions of people will voluntarily drop their insurance now that they’re not forced by law to buy it.

Source: CBO

With that said, Republicans wouldn’t be stripping healthcare away but instead leaving the decision up to the consumers to willingly opt out of an ObamaCare product they don’t want, and never wanted, in the first place.

This leads us one step further into having a dynamic insurance marketplace that offers a wide variety of coverage compared to what the failing ObamaCare allows now.

The next bump comes in 2020, when the number of uninsured rises from 14 million to 21 million and then to 24 million by 2026 (a net gain of 10 million). This new increase will be, in large part, a result of states no longer being able to expand Medicaid eligibility, which means that someone who might have been hypothetically enrolled in Medicaid in the future under ObamaCare will no longer receive that coverage.

Source: CBO

Pointing out that a large majority of that  ‘7 million’ will not “lose” their health insurance under the Republicans’ plan for the mere fact that they didn’t have coverage to begin with. 

Studies have repeatedly shown that coverage under Medicaid does not necessarily guarantee better health outcomes. It’s costs are inflammatory. 19 states opted out of the expansion entirely over these concerns.

Additionally, Trumps plan to reform Medicaid to a ‘per-capita financing system’ would save the government hundreds of billions of dollars.

After reading the reports, we can come to one conclusion: By 2026, 24 million fewer people will have health insurance than under current law.

However, this is not the same as 24 million people “losing their health insurance.”

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