• June 20, 2024

HE ISN’T MESSING AROUND!: Check Out The BRUTAL MESSAGE Trump Just Sent To This Muslim World Leader

Donald J. Trump isn’t shy when it comes to slamming other countries that don’t cooperate with America, Mexico, China, Iran and many other governments have been under the scope of the Donald and now he’s going after the Saudi ‘Royal family.’

In an interview with The New York Times, Trump says he will BOYCOTT oil from Saudi Arabia if they don’t help fight ISIS and other Muslim terrorist savages.

Trump said, “If Saudi Arabia was without the cloak of American protection I don’t think it would be around.”

Trump wants U.S. allies to start kicking in if they want to continue under the “cloak of American protection,” according to his first detailed comments on his foreign-policy platform.

“We’re not being reimbursed for the kind of tremendous service that we’re performing by protecting various countries,” the Republican front-runner was quoted as saying.

Trump is ready to remove American forces from Japan and South Korea if they don’t take on the cost of housing and feeding troops on American bases there, the report said.

He argued that it is getting expensive to keep “defending the world.”

“We defend everybody. When in doubt, come to the United States. We’ll defend you. In some cases free of charge,” he said.

Trump pushed back against suggestions his foreign policy was “isolationist.”

“I am ‘America First,’ ” Trump said. “I like the expression.”

Hell yeah!

He also said Iran needs to start buying American products. “We gave them $150 billion, and they can’t spend it in our country,” he said.

Trump said he would use trade as a bargaining chip with the Chinese, as well. “We have tremendous economic power over China,” he said. “And that’s the power of trade.”

Trump says he wouldn’t rule out using nuclear weapons against our enemies, saying he would use nukes as an “absolute last step.”

But Trump held out hope he could facilitate the greatest deal of them all — lasting peace in Israel.

“I would have a better chance than anybody of making a deal,” he said.

Trump knows how it all works. He will take care of business. He is a successful negotiator that WINS.

Obama is the worst negotiator. He is completely out of touch with the real world.

Decades of smoking pot and crack cocaine will do that to you.

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