• June 17, 2024

He Saw Someone Abusing Their Dog And Him A Taste Of Their Own Medicine!

Justice served instantly of the streets.

He is just lucky it wasn’t John Wick who witnessed him dragging his dog over 3 blocks. lol

A shocking incident caught on camera sees a man drag a dog owner by a leash after it the person’s pet was reportedly abused.

Tashawn Rodriguez a.k.a. Str8CashTWIST, a rapper from Brooklyn, New York was the person who was witnessed and disturbed by a fellow pit bull owner whom he saw dragging the dog for three blocks “against his will” with a “choker chain” around its neck. Incensed by the alleged abuse being inflicted on the pit bull, Rodriguez flew into a rage.

While the camera was rolling, the rapper decided to serve the fellow owner an act of vigilante justice.

 Brooklyn man yanks dog owner on leash in viral video for abusing pitbull

Watch the footage here:

I know how you felt after watching how the rapper drags the owner but I bet, there was a change of heart after you saw the status of the dog.

After seeing the additional footage of the dog, some viewers, who originally questioned Rodriguez’s methods, quickly changed their minds, according to MSN. “Felt slightly bad until I saw the condition of the dog,” 0ne such viewer wrote. “Dude deserved every second.”

Meaww has reported that Rodriguez has set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the dog whom he dubbed as ‘Prada’.

“Hey guys, I started this fundraiser for food and supplies towards a dog I recently seen treated badly and defended,” the description on the fundraiser page reads with Rodriguez claiming the owner is unable to take care of the dog as he is in “bad shape” and “out of work…we’re around every day doing check-ups and making sure he’s fed [and] walked (normally) daily,” the page description continued. “Below is a picture of him the following afternoon .. happy, tail wagging and waving. A fresh cow bone and a new collar I bought for him. He’s now being watched over like one of my own.”

Sources: Taphaps, Meaww, MSN

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