• June 19, 2024

He Sticks Rose Stems Into These Potatoes..What Happens Next? I’m Amazed!

Hee trimmes some rose stems and stuck them in potatoes.s The reason Why will have you running to the store for potatoes!

How cool is this? Please share! The world is a better place when there are more ROSES!




The process begins with creating a hole in the ground where the roses are to be grown and putting sand in the bottom. After deciding the size of the hole, take a pre-grown rose plant and cut as many stems as you’d like to grow. Remove all of the leaves, and cut the stems down to about the same size between one and one and a half feet.





Now that you have your stems, pick out as many potatoes as you have stems. Drill holes into your potatoes approximately the width of your stems. The stem fitting securely into the potato ensures the moisture stays in. After putting the stems in the potatoes, bury the potatoes in the hole until about half of the stem is cover. After you’ve completed burying the potatoes, water your plants. In two to three weeks you should have beautiful roses budding.

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