• June 24, 2024

Her Bid On The Price Is Right Is Going Viral For All The Wrong Reasons…

Contestants must abide by a distinct set of rules that are quite specific for each game show. On “Wheel of Fortune,” for instance, a contestant cannot add or remove any words from the problem when they estimate the solution. The answer should be considered incorrect if they add even a small word like “a” or “the.”

Then there’s “The Price Is Right,” a one-of-a-kind show that involves knowledge of shopping and prices. If you enjoy shopping and are familiar with general prices for a wide range of items, this may appear to be a relatively simple show to win.

However, the difficult part about “The Price Is Right” is that when a contestant is guessing the price of an item, product, or even a vacation, they must try to guess the price as close to the actual price of the item as possible without guessing even one penny more. If an item costs $99 and a contestant guesses $100, the contestant who guessed less than $99 wins even if their guess is far off.

While there are methods to attempt and guess accurately without estimating more than a price, they don’t always work. Sometimes a participant gets the price almost right, but misses by a tiny fraction, allowing another contestant to take home the big prize.

Only one of the two contestants will take home the top prize. Now, one contestant named Jennifer thought she was going to strike it rich and come home with some cash or the keys to a brand-new vehicle. But she had no idea that it would not be as simple as she had anticipated.

Jennifer was competing with fellow contestant Robert during the showcase section. As part of the episode, it was their chance to show off how well they could guess the prices of the items on the show. Drew Carey displayed the object and asked Robert and Jennifer to estimate its cost.

The two contestants had to guess the correct price of a Nissan Versa, a video camera, and a home theater. And as fate would have it, Robert guessed the wrong price by a staggering $6,083. Jennifer’s guess, on the other hand, was a bit different. She bid the combined price of $23,294 for the three items.

Carey knows he has some powerful information in his corner as he turns his attention to Jennifer.Actual price twenty-three thousand, two hundred ninety-one,” Carey says.

Jennifer folds in half and almost falls to the floor as soon as she realizes she is overbid. She is shocked by how close she came to getting the right price as well as by her loss.

Although the man was more than $6,000 off the correct price – and Jennifer was only three dollars off – Robert wins because his estimate did not exceed the correct price. He was still less than the total, so he was not disqualified. So, Carey has no choice but to congratulate Robert on his unlikely win.

Carey is still grieving her loss as Jennifer finally leaves the stage. As Jennifer makes her way back to her seat in the audience, he remarks, “That was crushing.”

The Price Is Right viewers commented on the video on YouTube with their thoughts. One fan, wrote, “That was painful & brutal.”

“$3 dollars over? And I still used to think $11,999 was even worse at one point,” Another shared.

Watch the video below:

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