• June 15, 2024

HORROR CAUGHT ON VIDEO: 40 BLM THUGS YELL ‘F*ck the Police, N**ga’ – Attempt To Bust Out Windows And Attack CHP Officer in Vehicle

Approximately 40 people attacked a California Highway Patrol (CHP) vehicle as the officer inside of it attempted to pull over a suspected reckless driver in Fresno, California on Sunday afternoon. As they attacked the CHP car, the group hurled obscene and racist verbal attacks as well.

In video of the incident, one person can be heard shouting, “F*ck the police n**ga. We run the streets motha f*cker. You feel me? Fresno n**ga.” The video posted to Fresno People’s Media’s Facebook page appears to be the same video played in a local news report, where the offensive words were bleeped out.

In the background are heard what sounds like shouts from the crowd of “f*ck the police,” a common leftist rally cry. The phrase has been sung by rapper Ice Cube and used frequentlyin Black Lives Matter protests around the country.

The CHP officer was patrolling at approximately 3:40 p.m. when the officer came upon a partially blocked intersection, where a big crowd was gathered and vehicles were driving recklessly. KSEE24 News reported that the crowd was performing a “sideshow.” The crowd then surrounded the officer’s SUV and began aggressively attacking it as it attempted to intervene.

One video, posted by KRON4’s Stanley Roberts, appears to show vehicles revving their engines and racing off. Another video among the several that have circulated on social media appears to be a view from the other side of the altercation.

The officer was not injured, according to local news, citing law enforcement reports. The officer’s SUV sustained up to $12,000 in damage. Perpetrators could face several felonies, including assault and vandalism.

No one had been arrested at the time of the local news report; however, some suspects had been identified. There were many witnesses to the event. Lt. Mindy Casto of the Fresno Police Department told KSEE24 News that the first strike to the CHP officer’s vehicle hit the driver side window.


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