• June 17, 2024

Idiot Driver Decided To Drive On The Sidewalk- Another Driver Body Slammed Him To Another Planet

It is typical for people to lose their cool after sitting in traffic for a long time however, productive members of society shake it off, call into work, and move on with their lives.

There are the few idiots that get out and do something about it in an effort to bully their way through, as if the traffic is the fault of everyone around him, and meanwhile, put the lives of pedestrains in complete danger. So, it goes without saying that when these dumba$$es decided to jump sidewalks and attempt to drive around traffic, someone unexpected stepped in and put a BRUTAL END to the stupidity. THAT’S GOTTA HURT!



VIA| We caught up with a group of guys who has seen a trend in one particular spot of town where people will attempt to avoid a traffic jam by cutting off everyone else waiting in line through the use of a sidewalk. That’s right, they drive where people are supposed to walk so that they can save themselves a couple minutes.

How exactly does one go about preventing somebody from doing this? Well, the answer is simple. They head out and throw their bodies in the way of drivers who attempt to take the shortcut and explain to them why what they’re doing is wrong. If the drivers don’t oblige, they’ll receive a sizable sticker right in their line of sight. Some of the excuses that these people come up with are incredibly ridiculous and one guy even decides to try and pick a fight.

In this demonstration, these civilian traffic police use a little bit of force to take on those who simply do not know common courtesy. For some reason, the results of this video are incredibly satisfying as these inconsiderate offenders are put in their place.

**In order to understand the movement, you may have to watch a portion of the video, but for the fun sh*t, fast forward to 4:22.

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